PNR SoftSolutions the ability to recruit, identify, and manage talent in many countries around the world. PNR SoftSolutions offshore offerings across IT delivery pillars from large contact centers to complex application delivery teams. PNR SoftSolutions approaches each client situation a pragmatic method to ensure maximum performance and value are delivered every time.

Requirements Definition:

PNR SoftSolutions needs to understand business drivers and expected results to confirm all parties are on the same page. Enables to enter the assessment phase with all critical elements explicitly understood and documented.

Delivery Assessment:

PNR SoftSolutions explore numerous offshore options that best suit requirements. PNR SoftSolutions examine not only from cost perspective, but also heavily focused on delivery capabilities and user experiences in the potential target locations.

Model Migration:

PNR SoftSolutions work with clients to develop an migration strategy. starting with pilot, but always managing for risk, PNR SoftSolutions execute against this strategy to successfully build and/or transition the in-scope services to the offshore facility.

Continuous Improvement:

PNR SoftSolutions proactively look for and identify improvement opportunities that strengthen and evolve business, not only bring additional value but to proactively alleviate issues before they actually occur.